My Workshops

“Huge thanks for a very successful day ! The children all came back to school full of enthusiasm and had obviously learnt a lot .  Many thanks,  Ria and all Lower School teachers.” Hill House International School, London.

I will ensure that my visit makes an exciting day for your pupils!

My Saxon and Viking sessions can last anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours each in length depending on the number of classes.  You can book me for either a day or half a day and I can fit it as many workshops as time allows.

I will arrive early as soon as the school is open to allow plenty of time to set up.  The workshops can take place either in a classroom or hall.  I will use all the tables in the classroom moved around the perimeter to hold all the Viking and Saxon resources, artefacts and activities with the children sitting in the middle .  Chairs are stacked up as they will not be needed ( fbefore the sessionor primary children).  If the hall is used I need eight large tables to be available.

Emerging in full costume, I present myself as “Peter the Merciless” but explain that I am a very old Viking and that not many people would reach the age we expect today.  Some of the children will be invited to dress up in authentic costume as different members of society from the period ( a great photo opportunity!)
Having explained to the children what we will be doing in the workshop, I will demonstrate all the weapons isolated on my “dangerous” table – the only area where objects can only be handled under supervision.  These include swords, spears, daggers, brooches with sharp pins, tools and of course a full sized battle axe.
The numerous artefacts and resources on all the other tables can be examined and handled at will – including musical instruments, helmets, genuine antiquities, eating utensils, tools, jewellery, chainmail and much more…….

The class will be divided into groups so the children can try their hand at spinning wool, writing with quill pens, using a “flint and steel”,  playing with period toys, trying on chainmail and role play.  I will show them how to do a rubbing using a selection of fine old woodcarvings, and one pupil in each session will be awarded a prize.  Every child

will be able to strike a silver Viking coin using authentically made dies, and will be given a bag to contain the coin so it can be kept safely to show to their parents.
If there is time I will invite the children to hold an item of choice from the “dangerous table” under supervision.

Viking Resources

Viking Resources

The teacher is invited to take a class photo with every pupil dressed in costume or holding an artefact from one of the tables.

I will finish each session by explaining the value of the coin and answering questions.

Normally the children do not want the workshop to end!