Viking drinking vessels Viking Weapons Viking and Saxon Resources Saxon and Viking wool spinning Genuine antiquities Role Play with Viking/Saxon Swords and Helmets Sutton Hoo Saxon Helmet Boar Skin and Lyre

Viking drinking vessels

Eat and drink like a real Viking

Viking Weapons

Handled under supervision.....

Viking and Saxon Resources

I bring enough resources and activities to fill eight large tables

Saxon and Viking wool spinning

Each child will learn to use a spindle whorl - they can keep their spun wool.

Genuine antiquities

Everyone is free to hold some real 1000 year old objects- nothing is behind glass!

Role Play with Viking/Saxon Swords and Helmets

They look real - pupils have fun with these!

Sutton Hoo Saxon Helmet

Museum quality replica in iron and bronze - padded inside for a comfortable fit.

Boar Skin and Lyre

Wild Boars were common in Viking Britain.

Touching and Doing

Pupils will learn far more by holding and examining the resources for themselves than just by listening to a teacher.No child will ever forget trying on real chainmail, wearing a cloak made from real wolfskin or writing their name with a goose feather quill pen and ink

Striking Coins

Every pupil will strike their own  "Viking silver penny" using replica hand made coin dies - exactly the way they were made 1,000 years ago - and of course they can all keep the coin to remember the workshop.

The coin is of the Viking king Eric Bloodaxe 885-954 and depicts a picture of a sword and the lettering ERIC REX

Viking Activities

As well as coin striking and object handling,  activities included in every Saxon and Viking school visit are:

  • Quill pen and ink writing
  • "Dressing-up" and roleplay
  • Spinning wool with spindle whorls
  • Playing with Saxon and Viking period toys
  • Rubbing from old wood carvings
  • Guessing the use of various "mystery items"

Flexible Workshop Length

  • You can hire me for a day or half a day.
  • All ages and Key Stages including SEN
  • I arrive in Viking costume
  • I can fit in as many sessions as time allows.
  • Sessions can be from 45 minutes to 2 hours each.
  • Inclusive prices affordable for all schools.
  • Enhanced Disclosure Certificate with Update Service
  • Fully Insured
  • Ofsted Approved
  • I will visit any UK school

Quote from Ofsted on my workshop....... "Excellent"

All my ancient Viking and Saxon school presentations are about holding, touching and doing.  Every school Viking workshop is designed to give a "wow factor" to the history period - the children will never forget my visit.

Contact me today - and I will arrange a Saxon/Viking visit to your school!

"Thank you for a superb day. The children learnt a lot and your visit brought the topic alive"...Kate McKenzie, Castle Batch School..

Some of the many Viking and Saxon resources that I bring along with me.....

Everything is brought to every school for the children to interact, examine and touch.